Shampoo Bar Review –

Fitnish Media,

If you recall my post on single stream recycling, my conclusion was that it is better than nothing, but what we really must focus on to end plastic pollution is using as little single-use plastic as possible. To that end, I mentioned using shampoo bars instead of liquid shampoo, but I was unaware of just how many different brands of solid shampoo exist. I have tried EcoRoots and just recently ordered a “Seanik” shampoo and “Big” conditioner bar from Lush – to be honest, I like the Lush bars better because it seems like they will last longer and they seem to have reactivated my perm curls very nicely. The shampoo bar doesn’t lather quite as wildly as the ones from Eco Roots do, but let’s face it, do we really need bubbles up our nose and in our eyes to wash our hair? My only knock against Lush is that there are no matching shampoo/conditioner scents, which is a first world problem to be sure. The one thing in their favor is that they aren’t too much more expensive than traditional bottled shampoo and conditioner, which used to run me close to $30 if I bought both at the same time.

Until today, I thought those were the only two brands available but I found a link to fourteen different shampoo bars here – some are from online boutiques and others can be found in drugstores and grocery stores, and while the cost can vary widely, I think spending a touch more on the front end is worth it to reduce the use of plastics that will inevitably end up in our oceans. If you try one of these products, please leave a comment and let me know what you think. I’d love to have more choices when it comes to reducing my plastic consumption!