Unsung Heroes: Women In Conservation: Dr. Paula Kahumbu (Born 1966)

Unknown photographer, nairobiwire.com

Source materials are right here.

Dr. Kahumbu never intended to study elephants until she was conducting field work for her Ph.D. and found her team surrounded by a herd that trusted them enough to lay down and go to sleep while they worked. She then decided to devote her life to protecting these gentle giants, and she created WildlifeDirect, a platform that allows conservationists to share their data online in an effort to promote real-time global teamwork. She also leads the Hands Off Our Elephants campaign and has written a children’s book about conservation. In January, she joined National Geographic’s Board of Trustees and will continue to educate us about the hazards elephants face and what we can do to help these lords of the savannah survive in an increasingly brutal world.

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